THORGEN - IV 12.00 € (#9169)

CD 10 titres (Heavy Metal / France - Laon) 2017
01. Ange ou Démon
02. Aurélia
03. La Bête
04. Addiction
05. Lien de Sang
06. Absence
07. Chemin des Dames 2017
08. Ni Dieu ni Maître
09. Au Nom des Morts
10. Plus d’Espoir
The album "IV" finally signs the return of THORGEN !!
The group always gives in a Heavy Rock melodic register.
His Celtic sounds highlighted by Melody's Violin are supported by Cyre and Marc's guitar riffs.
The whole is carried by the rhythm section of Oliv and Nath and wrapped by the synth of yves.
Yves who was the unique voice of THORGEN throughout these years is seen today supported by the lyrical song of Mélodie which sometimes will be lead vocal.
After 17 years of existence, THORGEN has evolved without turning away from its style and its influences, this new album to discover is the most convincing proof !!

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