The HELLECTRIC DEVILZ - The Devilz Playground 14.00 € (#10035)

The HELLECTRIC DEVILZ - The Devilz Playground
CD 10 tracks (Hard Rock / France - Bayonne) 2024
01. The Hellectric Club
02. To Hell and Back
03. Chosen One
04. Whiskill
05. Bed of Death
06. Tower of Terror
07. Down in One
08. Doctor Pills
09. Stuck up
10. Wings on Fire
Comprising musicians playing or having played in TITAN and KILLERS, The Hellectric Devilz was formed in May 2017 and – after two demos (“Love Madness” in 2018 and “The Hellrizer” in 2019), the group recorded its first album “The Hellectric Club” in 2019 which was released in September 2020 on the M&O Music label.
With its music resolutely oriented for live performance, the group will tour as opening act (Tygers Of Pan Tang, Killers, Su Ta Gar, Sticky Boys, Leize, etc.) and as headliner in France but also in Spain with dates in Madrid, Santander or San Sebastian.
With a line up consolidated in 2022 by the arrival of JP “The Dude” on vocals and Harley King on guitar (replaced by Sébastien Blanc in 2023), the group recorded its new studio album in 2023. “The Devilz Playground” is released on Brennus in April 2024.

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