SILVERTRAIN - Bring Back the Silence 14.00 € (#10034)

SILVERTRAIN - Bring Back the Silence
CD 8 tracks (Heavy Metal / France - Toulouse) 2024
01. Number 6            4'19
02. All Winners            3'36
03. Feel the Fire Burn You    3'47
04. Bottles into the Sea    4'45
05. We Don't Talk To Snakes    3'58
06. Bring Back the Silence    4'15
07. The Green Eyed Angels    4'11
08. It's Possible To Change    5'49
In 1979 the group was recognized in France with its album Which Platform Please. This is the start of a great adventure.
The group asserted its notoriey notably with "Bomber Tour de Motorhead" et "Outlaw de Rose Tatoo".
As this time Silvertrain the interest of CBS and EMI. Wanting to sign only the singer, he rejects this proposal.
In 1980 the group produced the album "Keep the Flame" which sent the group all over Europe.
4 years on Tour and it was the death of Chris Lane the guitarist which put an end to this adventure.
Chris Badger, Martin Fox and Phil York Produce the album "MEMORY"
It wasn't until 2013 that Phil York decided to put Silvertrain back on track with another team.
In 2022, David Potvin from Dome Studio Angers collaborates with Phil the singer to work on the new album.
The group returns to the studio in march 2023. The album is released by Brennus at the end of november 2023.

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