SATAN JOKERS - Symphönïk Kömmandöh 14.00 € (#9328)

SATAN JOKERS - Symphönïk Kömmandöh
CD 16 tracks (Heavy Metal / France) 2017
01. Quand les Heros Se Meurent 6’37
02. Justice 4’20
03. Ma Vie Sans 3’35
04. Sorcier 4’20
05. Fetish X 3’51
06. Vip Hiv 4’40
07. USA (Union Sacrée des Assassins) 3’24
08. Trop Fou pour Toi 4’14
09. Substance Recompense 4’10
10. Appetit pour l’Autodestruction 3’15
11. Club 6 Sex 6 4’07
12. Milfs 4’40
13. Phobies 4’02
14. Obsession 3’50
15. Pas Frequentables 3’41
16. Les Fils du Metal 4’47 « Symphönïk Kömmandöh » is the new album from SATAN JOKERS, compiling the greatest hits of the group with a symphonic orchestra composed of forty musicians.
This album includes 16 songs and seals the meeting between Renaud Hantson and Florent Gauthier, musician, music arranger and professor at the Conservatoire, who combines both Rock and Classic cultures. This meeting occurred after a concert, played in the south of France, where Florent Gauthier introduced himself with the same second-degree humor and cynicism as Renaud Hantson. He claimed that this symphonic project was the brilliant idea he needed to make his combo goes on, not wanting to put an end to his band, formed in the early 80’s.
Indeed, this very unlikely and tendentious idea brings the quatuor into a pioneering and innovative position as it’s the first time that a French Metal band dares to mix two registries as different as Rock and Classic.
After having made a preventive triptych with the psychiatrist and addiction doctor Laurent Karila (« AddictionS », « Psychiatric » and « Sex Opera »), SATAN JOKERS surprises once again by showing up where we don’t expect them. The band reasserts its legendary taste for mix of styles and artistic risk, which will delight the faithful followers and annoy the reluctant and hard-hearing people.
The title « Symphönïk Kömmandöh » pays tribute to MAGMA and its leader-drummer Christian Vander, one of the mythic figures of the band since its original line up, in the 80’s before a long discographic interruption from 1986 to 2006, wished by Renaud Hantson who preferred exploring new musical prospects (« Starmania », « La Légende de Jimmy », « Notre Dame de Paris », around 15 solo albums and 8 more with the band Furious Zoo).
Through this new opus, the bassist Pascal Mulot, the guitarist Michaël Zurita and the drummer Aurel Ouzoulias, demonstrate once again, as if any proof was still required, that this reunification brings together the best musicians of the French Metal musical stage.
Meanwhile, Renaud Hantson confirms that he is definitely "The French Voice of Rock” just like Glenn Hughes for the Anglo-Saxon culture.
Together and more united than ever, these musicians form the Dream Team of the French Hard Rock, and it’s with a real pleasure that the « Sons of Metal » from every generation will discover the re-creation of titles like « Pas Fréquentables », « Sorcier », « Justice », « Quand les Héros se Meurent », « VIP HIV », « Trop Fou pour Toi », « MILFS » and some others.
Tracing the band career from its beginning to the present day, this album offers one of the greatest surprises for the beginning of this year, displaying 16 songs that might blow your head permanently and highlight the great dexterity of unique and passionate musicians.

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