SATAN JOKERS - Pas Fréquentable - 2CD 18.00 € (#9992)

SATAN JOKERS - Pas Fréquentable
2CD 29 tracks (Heavy Metal / France - Paris) 2023
CD1 : Live
01. Sorcier 4’28
02. Fetish X 4’16
03. Pas Fréquentables 4’07
04. U.S.A. (Union Sacrée des Assassins) 3’34
05. Appetit pour l’Autodestruction 3’27
06. Promis 4’06
07. Milfs 4’52
08. Quand les Héros Se Meurent 7’32
09. Guitare Solo 3’49
10. Get it on 4’08
11. Basse Solo 2’52
12. Les Fils du Metal 6,43
CD2 : Versions Anglaises
01. Sons of Metal 4’25
02. No Man 4’18
03. Fight 2’44
04. U.S.A. (United States of Assassins) 3’23
05. Hell Is Right Here 5’42
06. Dictators 2’47
07. Guerilla 2’06
08. Lost Mankind 3’37
09. Propaganda 3’08
10. Fetish X 3’46
11. Addiction (Suffering with You) 3’51
12. Ephemera 3’31
13. Dirty Tricks 4’02
14. Nearly Human 3’28
15. Night Ghosts 4’55
16. Silicone Baby 3’18
17. Not Respectable 3’44
"Pas Fréquentables" is SATAN JOKERS new double album featuring the greatest songs of the band.
It contains a CD of 12 tracks recorded live in concert with Renaud HANTSON on vocals, Michaël ZURITA on guitar, Pascal MULOT on bass and Aurélien OUZOULIAS on drums.
The second CD contains 17 unpublished English versions of various titles of the group recorded after its reformation in 2009.
The whole album is mixed and mastered by the sound engineer Anthony ARCONTE with whom Renaud HANTSON has worked since the end of the 80´s and who has been on board with the quartet on every album since 2009.
"Pas Fréquentables" is a double "epitaph" album, highlighting the incredible guitar parts of Michaël ZURITA, the inimitable bass playing of Pascal MULOT, the improbable drum plans of Aurel OUZOULIAS and the unique voice of Renaud HANTSON leader since the beginning of the 80's of the most controversial group in the history of French Rock !
Certainly controversial because too far ahead of its time since 1983 and the publication of the 1st record "Les Fils du Metal", too much too soon, avant-garde and falsely megalomaniac but definitely inventor of what is commonly called today Metal Fusion !
"Pas Fréquentables" follows the evolution of the group from its beginnings with Stéphane BONNEAU, Pierre GUIRAUD, Laurent BERNAT (RIP) and Renaud HANTSON to today with a Dream Team as a second line up.
This double album (supposed to be the last but you should never say never with SATAN JOKERS) offers us some nice surprises, songs that go into your head never to come out again while showing the dexterity of exceptional and passionate musicians.
After "Addictions" in 2011, concept album written with Professor Laurent KARILA, validated by the MILDECA (interministerial mission to fight against drugs and addictive behavior), then "Symphönïk Kömmandöh" in 2018, recorded with a classical orchestra from the south of France directed by Florent GAUTHIER, "Pas Fréquentables" is a collector's double album which shows, with its Live CD mastered without retouching in the studio and a second CD in the language of Shakespeare, that SATAN JOKERS had nothing to envy from the English masters of the genre !

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