Renaud HANTSON's FURIOUS ZOO - Fishnet / Furioso X 14.00 € (#9967)

Renaud HANTSON's FURIOUS ZOO - Fishnet / Furioso X
CD 12 tracks (Big Rock / France - Paris) 2023
01. Going Down
02. Why Dontcha
03. Fishnet
04. What Is Life
05. The Day of Reckoning
06. In a Love Supreme
07. People Let’s Stop the War
08. No Way out
09. Evil Has Won
10. Didn’t I
11. Today
12. I’m Coming on
FURIOUS ZOO, the side project of singer-drummer RENAUD HANTSON, is releasing its 10th album entitled « FISHNET » (« Résilles »). Initially, this trio, founded in 2005, was to allow him to see if he was still capable of performing different genres at the same time after several years of typically Rock n' Roll headlong rush (3 books published on the subject as well as the he album « AddictionS » released with SATAN JOKERS co-written with Professor LAURENT KARILA and validated by the Interministerial Mission for the Fight against Drugs and Addictive Behaviors are witnesses to the preventive work that the artist has been doing for a few years).
The group has become over time that of an exceptional singer who likes to surround himself with exceptional French guitarists to create Big Rock albums that are no less powerful than the international heavyweights. After THIBAULT ABRIAL on the 1st Furioso, BENOIT COUSIN until the Furioso IV, PHILIPPE KALFON on the 5th, MICHAËL ZURITA until the 9th, it is today XAVIER PALADIAN who confirms that the line up changes make it possible to renew the ideas ensuring an evolution with each disc release. Considered by MICHEL BERGER, who cast him in STARMANIA then LA LEGENDE DE JIMMY where he played James Dean, as the best singer of his generation, RENAUD HANTSON also performed Gringoire in NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS. Since 1987 he has released 18 solo albums, 12 with SATAN JOKERS from all periods, producing various Rock bands, alternating successes and failures, numerous clips, various tours, credits, sound styles and a host of TV shows giving him a rather unique CV.
He is certainly the only musician from French-speaking Hard Rock scene capable of leaving his mark in more popular musical genres, making him a free radical never where you expect him !
« Sexaholic » admitted, we also know him « Workaholic » and it is precisely this bulimia for work that made him publish, during the last 3 years and the advent of COVID, 2 new solo albums containing 40 unpublished songs without counting these 12 new titles composed on the new FURIOUS ZOO opus recorded with the fine flower of Metal Made in France.
This new line up including today two former members of SATAN JOKERS, PASCAL MULOT on bass and AURELIEN OUZOULIAS on drums, joined on guitar by XAVIER PALADIAN (ex-SNAKE EYE), is indeed what HANTSON could hope for best to honor the release of the new CD of a group that intends to show its talents in concerts and to perpetuate this culture of melodic Hard Rock with varied ambiences, between strength and finesse, in the tradition of the vocal hero of his adolescence and friend since 1993 : GLENN HUGHES (formerly DEEP PURPLE).
FURIOUS ZOO has always been the conduit for direct contact with the public, pleasure remains the key word by playing heavy Rock which ranges from personal compositions to various and varied covers that the quartet has supercharged on « FISHNET » as « WHY DONCHA » by WEST, BRUCE & LAING, « I'M COMING ON » written by ALVIN LEE for TEN YEARS AFTER, « PEOPLE LET'S STOP THE WAR » by GRAND FUNK RAILROAD or the surprising « DIDN'T « ” by the Pop-Soul singer LISA STANSFIELD which becomes one of the two essential ballads of this new album.
Obviously the priority remains the big sound Rock titles (« GOING DOWN », « FISHNET », « WHAT IS LIFE », « IN A LOVE SUPREME », « NO WAY OUT », « EVIL HAS WON » or even « TODAY ») which should allow this formation of madness to set fire to each of its passages on stage. Combining the experience of outstanding musicians (MULOT, OUZOULIAS and HANTSON know each other by heart !) with the spontaneity of a brand new group, the primary goal of the friends remains to delight the public at each of their performances.
As on previous productions, guitarist MIKE ZURITA contributed several musical compositions and played on the majority of the songs of « FISHNET » before deciding to take some distance from the stage for personal reasons. XAVIER PALADIAN begins his collaboration with RENAUD HANTSON through two major titles of this 10th opus, « GOING DOWN » which starts the album at full speed and the superb ballad « THE DAY OF RECKONING » that DEF LEPPARD would be proud off !
Note the presence on several tracks of DIMITRI OBOLENSKY, bassist of the previous album, and the contribution of RICHARD WOOD, a British friend who is a fan of the group and a fine specialist in Anglo-Saxon Rock culture who lent a hand on the inspiration lyrics.
After « Furioso I » released in 1992, « Furioso II » in 2005, « Furioso III » in 2006, « Furioso IV » in 2008, « A.nal O.riented R.ock – Furioso V » in 2010, « Wock n ' Woll – Furioso VI » in 2012, « Back To Blues Rock » in 2014, « Sex Stories And Adult Fairytales – Furioso VIII » in 2016 and « Permanent Neurotic Beginner » in 2018, « Fishnet - Furioso X » should allow FURIOUS ZOO to consolidate its place as a safe bet among the few Big Rock bands here.

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