PROJECT - Off the Road - EP 7.00 € (#9585)

PROJECT - Off the Road
EP 5 tracks (Acoustic Hard Rock / France - Lille) 2019
01. Sunshine
02. Runningout of Time
03. You Keep on Cryin'
04. Suddenly
05. Said and Done
After the critically acclaimed album 'Chapter III', the band returns and goes acoustic (or almost).
It's been a few years since the idea of releasing an acoustic album was making its way in the heads of the rockers and following the incessant demands of fans, here it is finally!
You will find band's classics totally revisited: "You Keep On Cryin" (2013 - Riding Free) is now a brand new emotional and haunting track. "Suddenly" (2016 - Chapter III) is included in a punchy and groovy version.
3 new titles show the whole range of the band : from the ukulele chords of "Sunshine" to the bluesy "Said and Done", through the catchy melodies of the feel-good rock song "Running out Of Time", the band will surely please the fans and is ready to expand its fanbase!
"Off the Road" is available as a limited edition in a Super Jewel Box CD version.

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