MOTHER & PEARL - Psycho Thrill - Digipack 14.00 € (#9205)

MOTHER & PEARL - Psycho Thrill
CD Digipack 12 tracks (Heavy Thrash Metal / France - Lyon) 2017
01. Psycho Thrill     3’42
02. Renegades         5’00
03. ATwo Sided Man     4’40
04. Remember the Noise    4’13
05. Sin and Love     3’57
06. Zero Fortune     4’30
07. The Chosen One     4’34
08. Never Again     4’19
09. You Suffer         2’53
10. Twisted         3’50
11. Up in Flames     3’54
12. They Are My Blood     3’06
Mother & Pearl has been up and running since 2007, the band comes from Lyon, south east of France. In 2014 comes "Inner Voice”, it is the first LP which comes after various gigs and demos. It can be described as "modern metal".
Alternating screamos and clear singing vocals with heavy riffing guitars, the second opus "Psycho Thrill” will be released by the Fall 2017.
The public will be amazed as this is a really compact and percussive album, it goes straight to the point.
Past influences are less present, and a new day is coming with shorter and more aggressive songs, which are reminiscent of bands such as Lamb of God or The Haunted, Killswitch Engage or In Flames. The alternating singing makes it all more extreme and thus reflects the hectic working mind of the band.
The singing is more mature and alternates between raging chorus and catchy progressions of pure hysteria.
Angry words of rage and disapointment mention the multiple aspect of human personality, and the difficulty of living with it all. Pure fictions and personal experiences will be entertwined.
The sound has been worked at Noisefirm studio near Lyon as far as recording and mixing is concerned. A powerful mastering has been made at German reputed studio Kohlekeller  (Benighted, Powerwolf, Crematory...).
The spectacular artwork cover has been achieved thanks to horror photograph Danielle Tunstall.
Mother & Pearl invite you to share a huge offering of metal.

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