MESSALINE - Vieux Démons - Digipack 13.00 € (#9940)

MESSALINE - Vieux Démons CD Digipack 10 tracks (Hard Rock / France - Bourg en Bresse) 2022 01. Les 3 Stryges 02. L'Aimante Religieuse 03. Black Shaman 04. Marque-page Antiqua 05. Je Voulais Te Dire 06. Le Jardin des Délices (Complainte de Jérôme Bosch) 07. Vieux Démons 08. Marque-page Daemonia 09. Par les Fils de Mandrin (un Ange Passe) 10. Orion Stargazer From the telluric abyss of Hades’ kingdom to the exhilarating Epicurus’ sky, the inaccessible quest for the musical Grail had imposed on MESSALINE an unexpected break after 5 albums hailed by the rock media for their originality. But still by surprise, in this frozen night, their old devils chose for them. Without lights there is no darkness. And these incandescent expiations were among others the Holy Trinity Led Zep-Purple-Sabbath but also Ange, Santana or Hendrix... MESSALINE plays sorcerer's apprentices on this new album stamped 70’s but not only. Ghosts of the past reappear, assumed references to the Ancients, evident reverence to Ghost (the band - the trigger). A musical alchemy ready to venerate the ancient Kabbalah on the altar of the newly possessed ones. Ad vitam aeternam. Recorded and mixed at La Soierie studio - Lyon. Mastered at Studio 180 - Paris by Arnaud Bascunana (Guitar United, Yarol Poupaud, Axel Bauer…). Artwork by Stan W. Decker (Megadeth, Blue Oyster Cult, Rage...). On the title “Orion Stargazer” the top of the prog and heavy French voices came singing : Renaud Hantson (Satan Jokers) - Jo Amore (Kingcrown) - Tristan Décamps (Ange) - Pyt Theurillat (Galaad) with Francis Décamps (ex Ange) on keyboards.

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