MALEDICTION - Condamnés 2CD (Brennus limited edition) 15.00 € (#10031)

MALEDICTION - Condamnés (Brennus limited edition)
2CD 8 & 10 tracks including 10 bonus (Heavy Metal / France - Laon) 2001 - reissue 2024
CD1 : Condamnés / remix 2021
01. Prince des Ténèbres
02. Le Fils de Satan
03. Condamné
04. Le Masque de Fer
05. L'Horloge
06. L'Ange Noir
07. Apocalypse
08. Les Enfants de l'Ombre
CD2 : Bonus
01. L'Ange Noir (Live 2001)
02. Le Fils de Satan (Live 2001)
03. Condamné (Live 2001)
04. L'Horloge (Live 2001)
05. Apocalypse (Remix 2015)
06. Condamné (Remix 2015)
07. Prince des Ténèbres (Démo 2000)
08. L'Ange Noir (Démo 2000)
09. Apocalypse (Démo 2000)
10. Le Fils de Satan (Démo 2000)
MALEDICTION, a Heavy Metal band with vocals in French, was formed in Laon in 1997 by Sylvain (vocals/guitar) and Nicolas Mollard (drums), François Falempin (guitar) and Olivier Messaoui (bass). In 1999, Mathieu Poulain replaced François who left to join Yyrkoon. The group released a first demo that year. "Condamnés", their first album, will be released in 2001 on Brennus and will be supported by a series of concerts including the opening of Saxon in Paris and Edguy in Lyon. Nicolas left the team in 2003 and was replaced by Franck Légé. MALEDICTION then signed with NTS for the release of the album "Esclave du Vice" and went on tour with Adagio and Manigance. At the end of 2004, Franck left the drums to Olivier Canton for a tour with Revenge. MALEDICTION will disband in 2007.
It was in 2024, after many months of archive work on the part of Raskal, author of "Made in France", an anthology of French Hard'n'Heavy, and remixing on the part of Sylvain, that "Condamnés" benefits from a completely exceptional reissue.
This is a double album containing the 8 tracks of the initial version fully remixed in 2021 and a bonus CD with 10 tracks including those from the first demo and public recordings.
Alongside the version from the Steel Shark Records label, a limited edition of 300 copies is produced in collaboration between Brennus and Steel Shark; This is the one offered to you on the Brennus store!

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