KRAZY LIZZY - Back from Hell 12.00 € (#9510)

KRAZY LIZZY - Back from Hell
CD 12 tracks (Hard Rock / France - Lille) 2018
01. Dirty Job        5’03
02. I m in Hell        3’44
03. No More Lies    4’06
04. I Am Hate        4’35
05. Forgive Me        4’02
06. Love Kills        3’32
07. Nothing        5’04
08. Burn        4’11
09. Get it Hot        3’44
10. Die            3’17
11. Goin Down        4’16
12. Forgive Me (Acoustic)    3’42
KRAZY LIZZY is a band founded in Douai (France) in 1991 by Thierry Dhainaut (vocals/bass, Dynasty, former Metal Mother's Blood, Wax Squire) and Jean-Michel Coussement (vocals/guitar, Dynasty, ex-Lost Angel, Ninja, Terry & the Jets (with Terry Willcox)).
After having performed numerous scenes in front of a conquered public and having recorded 2 demos (Loud & Shout (1994), Beyond (1996)), the band split up in 1997. Jean-Michel and Thierry then founded DYNASTY 'the french tribute band to KISS'.
20 years later, they decided to reactivate KRAZY LIZZY surrounded by two new members: David Clabaux (lead guitar, Project) and Carl Sainsbury (drums, ex- Damage inc). The adventure continues in 2018 with "Back From Hell" !!
"Back From Hell" is the first album of hard-rock band KRAZY LIZZY featuring band's classics (Get It Hot, I'm In Hell, Nothing, ...) but also new tracks (Goin 'Down, Hate,. ..).
From the first notes of "Dirty Job", a track that would not deny AC/DC, until the rockin' and rollin' ending of "Goin 'Down", you will find here all the elements that will thrill any fan of classic hard-rock: a solid rhythm section that will make you stomp your foot on first listening (I'm In Hell, Hate), choruses that immediately get into your head (Get It Hot, Dirty Job), furious solos (No more lies, Nothing) and a superb ballad (Forgive Me) also taken up in an acoustic version that ends this great first album.
The wait has been long for fans who will not be disappointed !! Essential for any fans of Kiss, Motley Crue, Thin Lizzy, Ac/Dc, ...!!

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