JC JESS - Not Ready To Rust 13.00 € (#9360)

JC JESS - Not Ready To Rust
CD 14 tracks (Heavy Metal / France) 2018
01. Silly Little Girl            3’21
02. Just Another Scar            4’36
03. It's Better to Laugh At It        4’03
04. Fighting Spirit            3’41
05. Free Speach Is Not Dead        6’01
06. Ready For The Fight            4’28
07. Not a Girl For Me            3’53
08. Don't Bury Me So Fast        5’00
09. If God Exists, It Makes You Sick    8’05
10. Pulled Down                5’12
11. Everything is Rotten        3’58
12. You Pray                4’40
13.You Eat Too Much            3’57
14. It's Funny When You Get Mad        4’36
The band JC JESS celebrates this year its 10 years of existence and the release of its new Album "Not Ready To Rust". After scouring the scenes around the world including the band Nightmare, JC has refocused around his own band to deliver a groovy Heavy / Hard-Rock, modern and catchy, we can say today that JC JESS found his own style and is comparable to nothing else. 2018 promises to be a very promising year with the preparation of the world tour and the reunion with its audience that has been waiting for more than 3 years.

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