DER KAISER - Cannonball - Digipack 14.00 € (#9460)

DER KAISER - Cannonbal
CD Digipack 11 tracks (Heavy Metal / France - Paris) 2018
01. Intro
02. San Monster
03. After Life
04. Slate
05. Ivory Tower part I
06. Gun under Pillow
07. The Odyssey of Damned Souls
08. Vengeance part II
09. Mr Shadowman
10. Diary of a Coward
11. Cannonballs

The New EMPEROR is Born "DER KAISER" with its 3rd and NEW Album
Who are the 2018 DER KAISER Members?
Pierre PLACINES Singer Lyrics
Thierry ANDRE   Bass  
Bruno HENNEQUIN   Guitar  
Philippe STOURME Drums  
From the genesis it remains, Bass, Drums and guitar and even guitar's because Beno has brought as a guest his talent during the recording…
Pierre has joined the Band 2 years ago and has brought his amazing Singer and Author talent as he is signing al Lyrics.
After a time of intense Sleep, the troopers of the Empire are back in town with a new Album called:  
The foundations of DER KAISER are all there, the energy, the melody, the Heavy Metal and on top of that the love of Playing together who feels deeply listening to the Album.
Some Big changes are part of the project, first of all the Signing, in English, supported by committed texts and singing melodies and chorus.
Pierre has brought a sort of Rage and Lyricism with an incredible power which transports our Music to new heights never before achieved.
Energy, we have more than we can sell in this Album which is rocking any time between Mid Tempo, groove and pure Metal ambiance.
Melody, it is the fuel of DER KAISER all can be sang and harmonized together. The Heavy Metal, this is our drugs of life, a large share of our inspiration which remains multiple and our main food.
The all thing is sitting on a fantastic and robust Production driven by our "Goldfinger" of Mastering and amazingly dressed by our forever Friend Designer Doan Kim Quan.
To all METAL Fans, to all who are curious to listen to new music, to all who love us, to all who don't love us, to all the ones who are keen trying to love us and to all who love Music……….
We are giving you over this Album, our guts, our musical souls and our desire to bring you pleasure and happiness.
Take it, it's yours now.

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