SATAN JOKERS - Sex Opéra CD+DVD 17.00 € (#8465)

CD 18 tracks + DVD (Heavy Metal / France - Paris) 2014
01. Intro 0’49
02. Préliminaires à l’Infini 3’11
03. Sexaholic 4’03
04. King Sodom 3’43
05. 666 0’52
06. Club 6 Sex 6 4’07
07. Asphyxie Erotique 3’55
08. Charnel Déclic 4’46
09. Professionnelle 4’12
10. Mothers I’d Like To Fuck 1’13
11. Milfs 4’35
12. Promis 4’09
13. Voyeurs 0’49
14. Exhibition (Sans Regrets et sans Remords) 2’51
15. Transex 3’32
16. Royaume Décadence 4’09
17. Outro 0’54
18. Vip Hiv 4’34
Documentary movie about the story of SATAN JOKERS, including several musical exctracts :
Les Forces Malefiques
Les Fils du Metal
Vices Prives
En Partance pour l’Enfer
Derriere les Portes Closes
Live Wire (par Trust)
Quand les Heros Se Meurent
Pas Frequentable
Laurent's Song
Trop Fou pour Toi
Wounded-Knee 73
Get it on
Apprendre à Vivre sans Toi
Gimme Some Lovin’
Ma Guitare
Sillicone Baby
Addictions Souffrir avec Toi
Fetish X
D’ailleurs (par Zouille & Renaud Hantson)
Substance Recompense
Puzzle Cerebral
Serial Killer
Commando Suicide
After the release of the double album "Live Bootleg" in 2003, Satan Jokers is back with a rock-opera entitled "Sex Opéra". This opus is the last one in the triptych written in collaboration with psychiatrist Laurent KABILA which started in 2011 with «AddictionS» (concept-album which dealt with the addiction to cocaine accompanied by a 130 page E-book) and «Psychiatric» in 2013, a real treatise on the different mental illnesses.)
Now, Renaud HANTSON and LAURENT KABILA tackle the problem of sexual addictions and perversions, which won’t surprise the fans as they perfectly know that sex has always been a leitmotiv for the leader of the group since its creation in the 1980’s.
As its title suggests, this album is constructed like a rock-opera. That cocks a snook at the few Metal fundamentalists who reproached Renaud HANTSON with his participation to Michel BERGER, Luc PLAMONDON and Richard COCCIANTE’s shows («Starmania», «La légende de Jimmy» and «Notre-Dame de Paris») Once again, HANTSON proves that all musics may be great, that the richness of music comes from its multiplicity, its variety. Once again, he takes advantage of his status as a recognized artist to help as many people as possible to discover the music and culture he comes from: hard-rock.
Then, let’s get into the universe of « Club 6 Sex 6 », the temple of Vice managed by King Sodom and Cassandra. Through the titles, the main character, interpreted by HANTSON himself, will waste himself away in an unrestrained sexuality which will lead him to aids and death.
The album, deliberately dark, illustrates the different sexual deviances and keeps up this preventive purpose which has been urging on this re-forming up of SATAN JOKERS in the last few years, in a period of time when sex has become trite among youngsters getting less and less cautious as they are unaware of the danger.
As usual, Renaud HANTSON takes the lead with a voice sounding sometimes rather harsh and grating to express his rage to live («Promis», «MILF», «Préliminaires à l’infini»), some other times soft, when in the very heart of the addiction («Exhibition»), and, finally, heartrending, when the main character realizes that he is condemned («VIP HIV»)
This rock-opera is accompanied by the very best of French Metal and we can hear the voices of Stephane BURIEZ (LOUDBLAST) in the character of King Sodom (in the eponymous title and in «VIP HIV» in the finale of the album), of Olivier DEL VALLE (SHANNON), of Fred LE TAZ (BLACK BEAR FURY), and of BOBAN (SNAKE EYES) in voyeur characters  initiating the «sexaholic» to the deviances on the Internet with the vocal quartet «Charnel déclic» and on the choirs of various titles of the album. We can also hear Virginie GONCALVES DE KELLS who plays domineering Mistress Cassandra (on «Asphyxie érotique» and «Exhibition»), Céline LACROIX (SAINTE OMBRE) in the part of the transexual girl (on «Professionnelle» and «Transex»), as well as Walther GALLAY (CAFE BERTRAND) and Jo AMORE (NIGHTMARE) on the vocal trio «Royaume décadence».
The very best of French guitar players add their contribution to this work: Patrick RONDAT, Gildas ARZEL (ex CANADA), Sébastien BIZEUL (ALIEN BREAKFAST) and Christophe GODIN (MÖRGLBL, GNO). Their solos mingle with the virtuoso chords of the « Dream Team » of French Metal formed by bassist Pascal MULOT, guitarist Mike ZURITA, drummer Aurel OUZOULIAS and singer Renaud HANTSON, who, once again, display the wide range of their talents.
This album is accompanied by a DVD of the film « La grande illusion », directed by Crock BRANDALAC and Rémy BOUSQUET, which gives a vision of French «heavy metal music» of the 80’s, through the group’s career. In this film, you’ll find the anecdotes of Francis ZEGUT, ZOUILLE ( SORTILEGE), MICHEL BOULANGER, Laurent KARILA, Pierre GUIRAUD, Stéphane BONNEAU and members of the present line-up. A journey through time which will delight aficionados.
The album-box will be released on December 2nd 2014, the very day of the bi-centenary of Marquis de Sade’s death, another relevant symbol. «Sex Opéra» should be SATAN JOKERS’s last album, but, as Renaud HANTSON likes underlining it, this group rarely fails to surprise us. So, never say never ! Various concerts are to follow the release of what will undoubtedly be one of the main landmarks of the discography of SATAN JOKERS, this francophone cult group that invented «Fusion Metal», this group that people hate loving or love hating, but that never leaves anybody indifferent and never does things the way others do.
To be continued, then...

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