BORN FROM LIE - The promised Land 13.00 € (#8892)

BORN FROM LIE - The promised Land
CD 11 tracks (Heavy Metal / France - Paris) 2016
01. We'll Spill Some Blood     4'41
02. In My Head             3'58
03. In the Dark         4'05
04. This Is My Home         5'29
05. The Promised Land         0'44
06. No Escape             5'50
07. We'll Meet Again         4'01
08. Cannon Fodder         4'30
09. Far Away from Here        3'52
10. Fight             4'41
11. Live with That Voice    4'00
Created in 2014 in Paris, BORN FROM LIE is a french band at a fork in Rock’n Roll and Metal.
After their first record "Born from Lie", distributed since december 2014 by the french label Brennus music, and thanks to the success of a crownfounding campaign, the production of their second album, "The
Promised Land", could be launched.
The band takes a heavier and darker direction than their first album, most of the songs are soaked with events happened last years in the world.
This album marks a new line-up of the band with the arrival of David Caparros on the drum, Jérôme keeps the post of singer/ guitarist and pascal, the one of bass-guitarist.
They had the opportunity, with two guests, to use new instruments (Violin and Saz), which bring differents musical atmospheres.

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