SONOLOCO - Nos Sem Aqui 14.00 € (#4573)

SONOLOCO - Nos Sem Aqui
CD 12 tracks (Punk Rock Metal / Occitania - Aquitaine) 2009

01. Dans Mon Pays
02. No a la Guerra
03. Petit Nicolas
04. Hey Companhons
05. Tripes & Boyaux
06. Esbolhar lo Ganhon
07. Rémi
08. Lo Trapador
09. Bufat
10. Lo Cruzadier
11. Nos Sem Aqui
12. Fed Up

Hey this is an amazing release ! SONOLOCO is an excellent French band who successfully mix good old heavy / thrash metal with punk lyrics and attitude. Cool to remind a time when punk and metal bands did respect each others and were featured in the same fanzines and gigs. I miss that a lot to be honest. Nos sem aqui : 12 powerful tracks with socially critical, sarcastic / cynical lyrics, in French or Occitan (Southern France, Spain and Italy old language). Killer album, I want more ! And SONOLOCO are fucking great on stage too !

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