STILL SQUARE - Hard Rock’n’Roll - Digipack 15.00 € (#8767)

STILL SQUARE - Hard Rock’n’Roll
CD Digipack 12 tracks (Hard Rock’n’Roll / France - Paris) 2015
01. S&T 4’37
02. Sentinelle Oubliée 4’30
03. Juste une Fois 4’21
04. Flying Dutchman 5’22
05. Hard Rock’n’Roll 5’32
06. Irréel 5’42
07. Le Bagne des Maudits 4’53
08. Photographie 4’45
09. Dans Tes Bras 4’38
10. Serial Killer 5’03
11. Le Bourreau 5’52
12. Je Suis Ma Route 4’35
STILL SQUARE is a Hard Rock band, born in 1981 in Paris. The group was called SQUARE, founded by Guy Hoc, Thierrry Fronty and Jean-pierre Napoletano. In 2000 it changes its name and becomes STILL SQUARE. The band’s style is a Hard Rock decidedly "old school", simple and authentic, for fans of Classic Rock and Hard Rock.
Influences : Deep Purple, Iron maiden, AC/DC, ZZ TOP, Status Quo.
Actual members:
Guy Hoc (Vocals)
Thierry Fronty (Guitar)
Jean-Pierre Napoletano (Guitar)
Pascal Gilleront (bass)
Fabrice Trovato (drums)
Discography :
1985: Rock Stars (Devil’s Records)
2010: Laissez les Rêver (Bad Reputation)
2015 : Hard Rock’n’Roll (Brennus Music)
In 2015, he will celebrate his 35-year career with a desire still intact. On stage the rendez-vous is made with the fans, they are slightly gray
... or much younger ...
The group has aged like a good whiskey which is served without ice ... or "on the Rocks"!
"Hard Rock’n’Roll" ... Everything is in the title!
The new album Still SQUARE is a jewel of pure Hard Rock’n’Roll!
Legendary group that ADX, SATAN JOKERS, SORTILEGE ... STILL SQUARE succeeds with this new album to reinvent a genre where the 12 songs are a journey into modern hard rock of the 80s ...
Their sound has remained faithful, their determination too. Revival or not "Hard Rock’n’Roll" leaves transpire a sincere and genuine energy (the group exists since 1981), visiting the territories ranging from Blues to Metal, through the classic Hard Rock (similar to AC DC).
SQUARE STILL does not reinvent the style, it transcends it brilliantly.
"Virtuous musicos swing here a good ... Hard Rock’n’Roll in our "cages à miel" (ears) numb!
It was a long time we had not heard good sound, sung in French with dexterity!" ROCK LIVE TV

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