SILVERTRAIN - Walls of Insanity - LP gatefold 18.00 € (#8897)

SILVERTRAIN - Walls of Insanity
LP gatefold 10 tracks (Hard'n'Heavy / France) 2016
Face A
01. Rock or Burn        3’15
02. Lorelei            3’21
03. Raptor’s Mind        3’45
04. Walls of Insanity        3’33
05. Burning Land        3’49
Face B
01. Metempsychosis        5’04
02. Fly Towards the Stars    4’23
03. Agony            3’55
04. Pacte de Sang        4’29
05. Redemption            4’52
SILVERTRAIN it's 440 concerts from 1978 to 1982 among other touring MOTORHEAD, FOREIGNER and ROSE TATTOO.
Considered the first true Alsatian group of Hard Rock, SILVERTRAIN born in 1978 in Strasbourg. The group released the album "Wich Platform Please?" And gives numerous concerts in France and Germany, in particular with Motorhead, Foreigner and Rose Tattoo. The single "Keep the Flame" still sells 10,000 copies. Due to internal problems, the band unfortunately ended his career ...
Everything could have ended there, but the death of guitarist Chris Lane in 2013 had the effect of a shock to the singer Philippe YBORRA intending to launch four new musicians, to go up the group and get on with the creation of a new album: Silvertrain ...
A very unexpected resurrection! The album will tap into a wide range of influences, occasionally evoking Öster Blue Cult, Thin Lizzy or Ozzy Osbourne. The execution is clean and varied enough pieces to have a good time because the group knows about good solos and melodies.
Early 2016, SILVERTRAIN delivers us "Walls of Insanity," a rant 10 more mature titles than each other that the group will defend on stage throughout the year.

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