SHOEILAGER - Veuve Noire - Digipack 14.00 € (#8895)

SHOEILAGER - Veuve Noire
CD Digipack 10 tracks (Heavy Metal / France - Champagne) 2016
01. Veuve Noire
02. Sous les Bombes
03. Ensorcelé
04. La Lumière
05. Homme de Loi
06. Luxure
07. Lascar
08. Sois Fort
09. Cauchemar
10. L’Empreinte de Cassandra
Since 1999 SHOEILAGER (Heavy Metal French) crosses the France.
It is in a spirit of camaraderie and influences such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest that this Quartet accumulates concerts...
After a demo in 2003, 'Gladiator' their 1st album in 2006, and "Sombre Pacte" their 2nd album in 2011, the Shoeilager make a name for themselves within the Metal community and attend in 2013 the famous gatherings that are the 'Paris Metal France Festival', including the "Convention Rock'n Metal of Fismes” and the «Festival de Vouziers" alongside other French sizes as ADX, Blasphem, Vulcan...
Continuing their momentum, always driven by a loyal public, they return as early as 2015 in studio record and mix 10 new titles, always at Fred Rochette "PNF Studios".
After 2 recording sessions applied, the production is well above the previous two albums, with more successful compositions: it's an album of consecration for the Shoeilager.
"Veuve Noire" (Black Widow) was released late April 2016, distributed by «Brennus Music».
They remain faithful to the language of Molière with texts gathered around different themes: women, sex, death, fantastic... A title is written in tribute to RIP Mathieu Poulain, ex curse and close friend of the group, to which they dedicate this album.
We find SHOEILAGER on the roads to make vibrate all souls still filled music, Rock, and especially Heavy Metal, and always accompanied by a small beer!

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