SATAN JOKERS - Psychiatric - CD+DVD 17.00 € (#7576)

SATAN JOKERS - Psychiatric
CD 12 tracks + DVD 32 tracks + bonus (Heavy Metal / France – Paris) 2013
01. Crime Tribal 4’46
02. Flashback Traumatisme 4’23
03. Obsession 3’52
04. Phobies 4’12
05. Serial Killer 4’15
06. Suicide 4’39
07. Schizophrenic 3’37
08. Panique Hysterique 4’18
09. Fracture Morale 4’13
10. Persécuteur Designé 3’53
11. Camisole Chimique 4’35
12. Psychodéréglé 4’15

Satan’s Fest III
01. Sorcier 5’06
02. Fetish X 4’14
03. Pas Fréquentables 4’41
04. Reine Cocaïne 2’51
05. Dealer (Docteur Vice) 3’53
06. Substance Récompense 4’10
07. Euphorie 4’48
08. Appetit pour l’Autodestruction 3’17
09. Une Semaine en Enfer 3’30
10. Effet Parano 3’44
11. Detox 3’38
12. Lune de Miel 4’04
13. Méphédrone 3’27
14. Puzzle Cérébral 3’57
15. Chute, Rechute 3’15
16. Ma Vie sans 4’49
17. U.S.A. (Union Sacrée des Assassins) 3’29
18. Les Fils du Metal 5’53
19. Get it on 5’03

01. Appetit pour l’Autodestruction 3’17
02. Substance Récompense 4’09
03. Euphorie 4’52
04. Ma Vie sans 3’46
05. Satan (Live) 3’29
06. Fetish X 3’49
07. Addiction (Souffrir avec Toi) (Live Satan’s Fest I) 4’03
08. Silicone Baby (Live Satan’s Fest I) 3’22
09. Ephémère (Live Satan’s Fest I) 3’28

10. SHOWCASE FNAC (28/1/2012)
* Substance Récompense 8’50
* Une Semaine en Enfer 3’45
* Euphorie 8’16
* Lune de Miel 7’06

LINE UP 1982/1985
01. Les Fils du Metal (videoclip) 3’36
02. Trop Fou pour Toi (videoclip) 4’17
03. Pas Fréquentables (videoclip) 3’34
04. Medley Live 1983/1985
I. Les Fils du Metal 2’06
II. Samouraï 1’14
III. Les Forces Maléfiques 1’31
IV . Solo de Batterie 4’22
V. Get it on 1’41
VI. Quand les Héros Se Meurent 6’48
VII. Derrière les Portes Closes 0’57
VIII. Solo Basse / Batterie 2’22
IX. Solo Guitare 1’33
X. Solo Batterie 3’57
XI. Child in Time 2’38
XII. Les Fils du Metal 2’05

One year after the release of the concept-album «Addictions», which included a 130 page digital book dealing with the stuggle against toxicomania, the rock-group SATAN JOKERS is back, with the psychiatrist Laurent KABILA, specialist in addictions, for the lyrics and texts. This time, stopping at nothing, they give us a real psychiatry handbook including 12 songs, energetic to the utmost.  It describes the different pathologies affecting human beings ( schizophrenia, bipolarity, paranoïa, serial killing, ...) with learned words and expressions revealed by the splendid booklet inside. This new concept is a sort of legacy from a group that has long been considered ahead of their time for creating Metal Fusion in the 80's, a group that has often been criticized, but never matched in skills.
In this album, Renaud HANTSON reveals his incredible abilities, in terms of diction, to adapt his voice to Doctor Kabila's complex lyrics. Throughout the album, he displays his harmonic and melodic power, as well as the wide range of his vocal capacities. Mike ZURITA, the guitarist of the quartet, shows the extent of his virtuosity in the composition, in the riffs and in the solos, that he masters better than ever. Aurel OUZOULIAS regains the drummer's seat ( as HANTSON chose to play in only one out of the twelve titles ), and gives added value to the whole performance. As for Pascal MULOT, he still shows the ease, technicity and artistic creativity he's been known for. No-doubt, he was the very one who could succeed Laurent BERNAT, the bassist and founder member of the original group.
With this album, you can find a 3 hour long DVD which relates SATAN JOKERS ' story through all the different periods. Thus, you'll discover the whole concert of SATAN'S FEST III, filmed in january 2012, some highlights of 2010, the accoustic show-case followed by a debate which took place in a large parisian record-store, various video-clips  and, last but not least, some previously unreleased images of the 80's line-up, taken out of Renaud Hantson's drawers and freed from dust for the circumstances.
This album is a real «gold mine» for the group's fans and French hard-rock lovers. Once again, SATAN JOKERS strike hard. We can only hope that this new concept-album won't be the last one, as the group seemed to suggest, for we might be deprived of the opportunity of hearing such a French Metal Dream Team for a long time.

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