SATAN JOKERS - Live Bootleg - 2CD 16.00 € (#8141)

SATAN JOKERS - Live Bootleg
2CD 20 & 18 tracks (Heavy Metal / France - Paris) 2013
01. Sorcier
02. Fetish X
03. Pas Fréquentables
04. Le Fouet
05. 200 Chrono
06. Addiction (Souffrir avec Toi)
07. Guitare solo
08. U.S.A. (Union Sacrée des Assassins)
09. Reine Cocaïne
10. Euphorie
11. Appetit pour l’Autodestruction
12. Ma Vie sans
13. Crime Tribal
14. Obsession
15. Professionnelle
16. Get it on
17. Basse solo
18. En Partance pour l’Enfer
19. Batterie solo
20. Les Fils du Metal
01. Sorcier
02. Pas Fréquentables
03. Reine Cocaïne
04. Dealer (Docteur Vice)
05. Substance Recompense
06. Euphorie
07. Appetit pour l’Autodestruction
08. Une Semaine en Enfer
09. Effet Parano
10. Detox
11. Lune de Miel
12. Mephedrone
13. Puzzle Cerebral
14. Chute Rechute
15. Ma Vie sans
16. U.S.A. (Union Sacrée des Assassins)
17. Les Fils du Metal
18. Get it on
Satan Jokers, the band you love to hate, the band you hate to love. A group that has taken off since its reformation in 2009 with the cream of French Metal musicians, a real "Dream Team" with Renaud HANTSON on vocals, Pascal MULOT on bass, Mike ZURITA on guitar and Aurel OUZOULIAS on drums. Four new albums released with this new line up, including two concept albums with the psychiatrist Laurent KARILA ("AddictionS" about cocaine and "Psychiatric" about various forms of mental illness. One last album, allowing Laurent KARILA and Renaud HANTSON to close their triptych is in preparation for December 2014 on addictions and sexual perversions, it should be called "Sex Opera". This ultimate concept album, designed as a Rock Opera, will feature several French Metal guests...
But it is in concert the group gives the best of itself, the double album "Live Bootleg" is the direct testimony of this fact. The fans will also be delighted to see that the group has released an album per year since his unexpected reunion.
This double CD has been recorded during two concerts, at a festival in Laudun Lardoise then Satan’s Fest III (already released as a DVD on "Psychiatric") where the group played the entire album "addictions" creating an incredible emotion in the concert hall. No editing has been done on this live, which proves the exceptional level of this combo that is constantly renewing itself .
HANTSON has announced that the group may stop its career because of the planning of the four protagonists, so for French melodic metal fans it is with pleasure that we listen to these unique live moments. 35 live tracks that will please the first hour’s  fans, the adepts of Metal Fusion and the intrigued young newcomers. Satan Jokers, the unique UFO of the French Metal scene !...

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