SATAN JOKERS - Addictions 17.00 € (#6908)

SATAN JOKERS - Addictions
CD 13 tracks + e-Book (Heavy Metal / France - Paris) 2011
01. Reine Cocaine 2’45
02. Dealer (Dr Vice) 3’47
03. Substance Récompence 4’02
04. Euphorie 4’35
05. Appetit pour l’Autodestruction 3’13
06. Une Semaine en Enfer 3’26
07. Effet Parano 3’38
08. Detox 3’44
09. Lune de Miel 3’47
10. Mephedrone 3’17
11. Puzzle Cérébral 3’58
12. Chute, Rechute 3’11
13. Ma Vie Sans 3’30
+ e-Book about addictions.
"Addictions” is the unconventionnal encounter between SATAN JOKERS, a cult Hard Rock group , born in the 80’s, who have always been in the lead on the French Metal scene, on the one hand, and Laurent KARILA, a famous addiction specialist psychiatrist, author of the best-seller "Une histoire de poudre” (Editions Flammarion), on the other hand. The purpose was to deal, together, with the struggle against addictions.
Like Nikki Sixx in his project \" Sixx A.M. \", they deliver a concept-album, which, in 13 titles, sums up the route of a person who meets with drugs, gets into an infernal addictive spiral, decides to get out of it, lapses and relapses, till the final redemption, the very end of the tunnel which shows that you can still live a regular and excessless life again. This album will be accompanied by a 13 chapter e-book which follows the progress of the album. Both are meant to be a deterrent from addictions and a support to art-therapy.
In a time when drug problems increase and affect all social classes, they particularly dwell on cocaine addiction, a substance which is wrongly considered as less dangerous than heroin, for instance, but whose dependence and effects on health are quite as important, or even worse.
The album was produced by Renaud HANTSON and Laurent KARILA. The melodies of the 13 songs were conceived to be in keeping with the strength of the lyrics and of what they call to mind. Rapid rhythms symbolyse the euphoria of the first snorts and the loss of control on the stuff ("Queen Cocaine”, "Mephedrone”, "Appetite for Self Destruction”). The force of some melodies dwells in their federative side ("Euphoria”, "Rewarding Substance”, "Paranoid Effect”). Other titles are introspective, with slower tempos, evoking the difficult moments of decision making and of the ending of the stuff consumption ("A Week in Hell”, "Honeymoon”, "Cerebral Puzzle”).
After releasing two albums in 2009 (The year when the group was formed-up again), their participation to the HELLFEST the same year, several dates (some with Patrick RONDAT), the creation of their own festival ("SATAN’s FEST”), SATAN JOKERS struck again with a return to the style of which - according to quite a few specialists - they settled the bases: "Metal Fusion”. The whole lot was wrapped up in more "mainstream” catchy choruses (The group had already made an incursion into a more "F.M.” Hard Rock in 1984.)
This album is a testimony of Pascal MULOT\'s virtuosity at the bass, Mike ZURITA’s at the guitars, AUREL’s at the drums. They all back a Renaud HANTSON whose voice leads the group with energy, ardour, spirit and fervour, enhancing the emotion of Laurent KARILA’s strong lyrics.
It should mark a milestone in French Hard Rock history, just as "Les fils du Metal” did it in its time.

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