Renaud HANTSON - Ce(ux) Que J'aime - 2CD 18.00 € (#10032)

Renaud HANTSON - Ce(ux) Que J'aime2CD 11 & 10 tracks (French Pop / France - Paris) 2024
CD1 :
01. Ça ne Change Pas un Homme
02. Viens Danser
03. Si Je Pouvais
04. Quarante et Quelques
05. Quand J’étais Chanteur
06. Le Soir Tombe
07. En Manque de Toi
08. Le Vide au Cœur
09. Et Nulle Part Ailleurs
10. C'est en Septembre
11. Descends
CD2 :
01. Il y a un Animal
02. Gino
03. L’amour ça Fait Passer le Temps
04. Si Je Devais Manquer de Toi
05. Un Endroit pour Vivre
06. Sans Elles
07. L'avocat du Diable
08. J'y Crois
09. Je Voudrais Te Manquer
10. Dépendant Affectif
Renaud Hantson continues to dazzle us. Even if he seems far from the current media radar, he is in reality a constantly active workaholic. With numerous albums, projects as diverse and varied as his musical tastes, regular concerts and an army of loyal fans, this new solo opus is in his image : cash, without filter, honest, emotional, modern and roots to that time.
Renaud has the art of surprising us once again with this double album entitled "Ce(ux) que j'aime" including 16 covers of his favorite French songs and 5 unreleased tracks. Vocally above average, this 18th solo album is above all proof of his desire to perpetuate the work of artists who have left us and to pay tribute to the talents still among us.
"Ce(ux) que j'aime" is much more than a collection of covers, Renaud Hantson reveals himself and confesses all his sensitivity to us through gems like : "Ca ne change pas un homme" (Johnny Hallyday), "Quarante et quelques" (Daniel Lévi) , "Gino" (Art Mengo) , "L’amour ça fait passer le temps" (Marcel Amont), "Le soir tombe" (Nanette Workman), "Et nulle part ailleurs" (Michel Berger), without forgetting 5 original songs. In short, a multitude of gems to (re)discover awaits you !
Michel Berger, his mentor met at the time of the 2nd version of Starmania who said of Renaud that he was the best singer of his generation, would surely not deny the choice of artists included on "Ce(ux) que j'aime " and the arrangements, both musical and vocal, instilled in the rereading of their songs, not always the best known.

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