Renaud HANTSON - La Fissure du Temps - 2CD 17.95 € (#7537)

Renaud HANTSON - La Fissure du Temps
2CD 17 & 19 tracks including 8 bonus (Pop / France - Paris) 2002 & 2008 - reissue 2012

CD1 : Renaud Hantson (2002)
01. Je Perds le Sud 3’38
02. Un Plus Un 3’02
03. Lise et Laure 3’29
04. Un Monde à Elle 3’38
05. Je t’Aime Ainsi 3’12
06. Comment Faire 2’59
07. Ni Vu Ni Connu 3’56
08. Aimer Plus Haut 3’30
09. J’Attends 3’34
10. Si Facile 3’11
11. Ne Me Demande Pas 3’19
12. La Pudeur (Maria) 3’35
13. SOS d’Un Terrien en Détresse 3’49
14. Tellement de Choses 3’38
15. J’Aurai l’Air de Quoi 3’26
16. Rien Qui Dure Toujours 3’37
17. Lucie 4’14

CD2 : Je Couche avec Moi (2008)
01. Ecoute le Silence 3’41
02. Un Monde Plus Haut 3’22
03. Tu Me Manques 3’05
04. Retrouve-Moi 3’29
05. Mathieu 3’36
06. Le Feu aux Yeux 4’11
07. L’Animal en Toi 3’55
08. Ne Parle Pas (Duo avec Sandie Dante) 3’27
09. Comme on Nait 3’49
10. La Fissure du Temps 3’34
11. Monsieur Tout le Monde 3’45
12. Je Couche avec Moi 3’48
13. Harde(u)r 2’59
14. Ma Tristesse 4’00
15. Into the Groove 4’03
16. Plaisir et Souffrance 3’56
17. Quand Il Pleut 3’53
18. Blues d’Une Nuit Sans Se Voir 3’24
19. Série B 4’11

Why should two albums of Renaud HANTSON, released in 2002 and 2008, be republished now ?
These disks didn’t get the exposition they might have deserved and represent a rather gloomy period in his life, when he was at the climax of an addiction which was spoiling his life. However, when you listen to the songs, you can be surprised by the harmonic and melodic quality which prevails all trough these albums. The singer didn’t want these songs to remain in drawers. He wished everybody could have the opportunity to discover or re-discover them. Through these songs, we can notice collaborations with various artists, such as Francis LALANNE, Pierre PALMADE and Michael JONES.
We can also discover very different covers, like Daniel BALAVOINE’s “Lucie”, MADONNA’s “Into the Groove”, “S.O.S d’un Terrien en Détresse” from STARMANIA or “J’aurais l’Air de Quoi?” by Philippe CATALDO. For the production of “La Fissure du Temps”, Renaud asked for the help of his faithful fellow programmer and arranger Didier ESCUDERO and trusted him with the heavy task of re-orchestrate the songs, in order to give them a new, more up-to-date, “colour” to restore them, as it can be done with a painting, as it were. For the most faithful “aficionados”, eight never-released titles have been added, for they couldn’t remain hidden either and they testify to an epoch.  Finally, the total number of songs on this double-album reaches 36 !
Just because of those eight unreleased songs, the re-packaging and the re-arrangements of the already released titles, this limited edition is “collector” and contributes to making of Renaud HANTSON a cult artist, a genuine craftsman of music, always in contact with his public, in his numerous concerts.
          This re-edition is a journey through time, a contribution to all the musicians who crossed his path. Already the author of a first book intitled “Poudre aux Yeux (Sexe & drogues & show business)” and right in the process of writing his second essay, Renaud HANTSON is more than ever desirous to leave a little musical trace of his passage among us.

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