Patty VAREN - En Mon Nom 14.00 € (#6041)

Patty VAREN - En Mon Nom
CD 12 tracks (Pop Rock / France - Paris) 2010

01. Comme un Cri 4’06
02. Ad Vitam 3’33
03. L’Ombre 3’18
04. Deviens Mon Repère 3’34
05. En Mon Nom 4’17
06. Puisqu’il Faut Bien 3’41
07. 7 Jours ou Cette Nuit 3’33
08. Juste un Rappel 3’59
09. Chez Moi 3’27
10. Où Vont Danser les Anges 3’40
11. Naufragée 3’57
12. End of our Days 3’49

Author-composer and lead singer, Patty VAREN is a multi-oriented artist, whose preference goes to Rock.
Touched by music at the age of 4, she performed on every local stage she could find, until being 15, when she created her first band named “A Capella”. This band will perform during 2 years in the North of France, where she was born.. Then a few stages later, Patty performed on local tour, and first part of famous french artists.
At the age of 18, Patty was a member of two crews performing famous musicals, as Notre Dame de Paris, Starmania, and Les 10 Commandements. She respectively played the roles of Fleur de Lys, Cristal and Nefertari. Those experiences allowed her to climb on famous national stages.
She also produced a single in 1999, and performed a local tour, with her band “Arcanta”.
She then decided to move to Paris, where she met Renaud Hantson, the french famous singer and composer, who played the role of Ziggy in Starmania 1989 version, featuring Maurane.
He taught her how to improve her voice, her techniques, but also her interpretation, and he mostly helped her find her own way: Rock music.
In 2007 was built a complete team of professional composers and writers, in order to make perfectly fit songs for Patty, and Patty also wrote some lyrics and music lines.
The LP “En Mon Nom” is a culminating point on her musical way, an achievement of a hard way in music.

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