PARALLEL MINDS - Headlong Disaster 13.00 € (#8605)

PARALLEL MINDS - Headlong Disaster
CD 10 tracks (Power Metal / France - Paris) 2015
01. I Am 5’16
02. Into the Void 5’26
03. Reborn Through Hate 4’39
04. Migdal Bavel 8’28
05. Headlong Disaster 5’03
06. Ghost of Sparta 5’37
07. A1000 Minds Away 4’25
08. Hyperion 19’46
09. Coming Home 4’39
10. Only the Good Die Young 4’40
Born from the collaboration of vocalist Stéphane Fradet (ex-Falkirk) and guitarist Grégory Giraudo (Coexistence), the Parallel Minds entity, after 2 years of hard work and dedication is finally ready to be spread to the world.
Their first album entitled Headlong Disaster is sure to please fans of Melodic and Powerful Heavy Metal. Influences range from Nevermore and Symphony X to Pink Floyd and Scorpions and everything in between.
Joining this metal duet is Franky Costanza, "drummer extraordinaire” from Dagoba, who layed down some truly amazing drum fills to the songs.
Headlong Disaster also benefited from the incredible ears of the famous Jacob Hansen (Primal Fear, Epica, Pretty Maids...) , who handled the mastering of the album.
The result is an outstanding collection of 8 carefully crafted and deeply emotional tracks that are sure to set the heart of any true metalhead on fire. Parallel Minds is all about Metal, Melody, Depth and Groove.

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