MOTHER & PEARL - Inner Voice 14.00 € (#7796)

MOTHER & PEARL - Inner Voice
CD 10 tracks (Modern Metal / France - Lyon) 2013

01. My Emptiness
02. Russian Roulette
03. Cruel World
04. Ugly
05. Remember the Silence
06. Dextermination
07. Skin & Life
08. Temptation
09. Far Beyond Pleasure
10. Dreadful Hunger

Inner Voice is MOTHER & PEARL’s debut album. The band has been honing his style since 2007, through two demos and hot concerts around Lyon, France. They rely on their maturity to accelerate and propose ten strong and intense songs.
M&P, which was first Progressive Metal oriented, is now focusing on Heavy and powerful riffs, with both Metalcore and melodic voices, overflown by inspired and incisive guitar solos.
First of all, Inner Voice is the desire to mix Machine Head’s power, Metallica’s science of riff, Opeth’s taste for contrast, Trivium’s frenzy, and Arch Enemy’s extreme influences !
It is also a flawless production and a very big sound, refined at Noisefirm studio by Thierry Lebourg and Sylvain Nicola (Dyslesia, Vital Breath), and at famous HOFA Studios in Germany.
Ten very different songs, together catchy and deep, served by two brothers and two childhood friends, united by the same passion for Metal!

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