INEPSYS - The Chaos Engine 13.00 € (#8702)

INEPSYS - The Chaos Engine
CD 9 tracks (Progressive Metal / France - Albi) 2015
01. Prelude To Chaos
02. King of the Hill
03. Wake up and Shine
04. Virtual Feelings
05. The Eye of Horus
06. A Void Between Us
07. Mother Earth
08. The Die Is cast
09. Pull Me Under
INEPSYS band was formed in 2003 by Ludovic Mercier (guitars) and Romain Castel (drums). The arrivals of Ben Castel (keyboard), Jerom Rollat (voice) and Richard Carlon (bass).
Allow the young combo to take out a first album "Time for redemption" in 2012, welcomed well by the press metal, but being left unsatisfied, some people ask for confirmation.
This second album, entitled "The chaos engine" release on August 18th, 2015, allows the band to make a success of the bet of the evolution, whether it is at the level of the production, the music or the image.
This new opus contains 8 catchy compositions, in particular due to the efficiency of its tunes, its wild rhythms and its devastating riffs. We also find there a 9th song, which is other than one cover song of the legendary piece of masters on the subject, Dream Theater, "Pull me under", splendidly interpreted by the French quintet.
To discover absolutely the epic piece of 30 minutes "The die is cast" who will doubtless make the auditor travel through its 8 parts based on the same main theme which means that the die is cast and that nothing is more possible to modify, this colossal title evolves between powerful metal way like SymphonyX or Metallica, complex rhythms like Dream Theater, and languishing melodies in kind of Anathema without ever becoming boring! The whole sprinkled with magnificent atmospheres so that this huge room  passes without any problems!
Inepsys makes a success, and so takes a new dimension with this record, but also thanks to his passage on the international festival of progressive rock Crescendo, where they are a hit on stage!
The adventure Inepsys is not ready to stop, this second album is the living proof!

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