HEAVYLUTION - Children of Hate 13.00 € (#8569)

HEAVYLUTION - Children of Hate
CD 11 track (Heavy Metal / France - Saint Etienne) 2015
01. The Call 2’42
02. Children of Hate 5’03
03. Obsession 6’19
04. Spirit Never Dies 5’03
05. Burn out 3’02
06. Mind avulsion 5’26
07. The Eye Will Control 4’39
08. The Exodus 6’42
09. Balls of Steel 4’56
10. Future Is on Your Side 7’11
11. Fight for Changes 5’46
HEAVYLUTION was founded in 2007 in Saint-Etienne (France) and have been spreading their powerful and melodic riffs ever since: a strong and heavy rythm inspired by the masters of heavy and thrash metal such as Kreator, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Pantera over which powerful solos and a heavy voice influenced by Iron Maiden, Edguy or Iced Earth are hung. The band built their fanbase touring with many underground metal bands in France and opening for some bigger ones : Lonewolf, Wizard, Paul Di Anno or the finnish metal band Lordi in LE FIL (Saint-Etienne).
After the release of 2 EPs « Metal is our blood » (2008) and « The Architect » (2011), the band records its first album in a professional studio in order to get a strong production. This will bring the band to get a distribution deal with Brennus Music (FR). The album called « Children of Hate » will be released on February 23rd. The line-up composed of Paul Eyssette (vocals), Olivier Dupont and Thibault Maurin (guitars), Nicolas Savoca (bass) and Laurent Descours (drums) can’t stand waiting to kick the world’s ass with their heavy-thrash metal riffs !  Get ready !

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