GLENROCK - 3 Minutes of silence 14.00 € 12.00 € (#298)

GLENROCK - 3 Minutes of silence
CD 9 tracks (Hard Rock / France - Ardennes) 2004
01. Winds of the Sea
02. 3 Minutes of Silence
03. Jeux de Société
04. Our War Cry
05. Tom Rock
06. No Concern of Ours
07. Who Were You
08. I’ll be There
09. Music is Freedom
After 3 years of concerts, compositions and recordings, the members of GLENROCK, a group from the East of France, come back with their new album "3 Minutes of Silence".
Once more, faithful to their "Hard'n'Rollians" origins, they propose all the ingredients that have being building their popularity for nearly 10 years in their native region : the fun, the simplicity, the Rock'n'Roll, the Hard Rock of the "founding fathers" (particularly Deep Purple) and the efficiency of "old adventurers".
GLENROCK benefits from a much better production than for their previous opus. "3 Minutes of Silence" proposes nine new warm and lively compositions which thus permit us to (re)discover the great mastery of each musician in a more favourable light.
At the same time, GLENROCK remains above all a live group to be absolutely seen and listened to on stage.

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