FURIOUS ZOO - Furioso III - DVD 16.00 € (#1536)

DVD 23 tracks + numerous bonus - zone “0” (Heavy Rock - AOR / France) 2006
01. I Feel Blue (intro)
02. Don’t You Wanna Rock
03. I Might Lie
04. Magic Tokyo Girl
05. Believe it or Not
06. You’re There
07. Promise Her the Moon
08. What You Are To Me
09. Tell Me What To Do
10. Sex on the Telephone Line
11. Groovin’ With J

Bonus Live (Video)
01. Believe it or Not
02. Solos des musiciens
03. Pas de Solution
04. Just Keep Holding on
05. Get Out
06. Black Night
07. Gimme All Your Loving
08. Needle in the Groove
09. Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word
10. Hendrix Medley (Foxy Lady / Purple Haze / Spanish Castle Magic)
11. Breaking the Law
12. Final batterie
+ Interviews du groupe

Bonus Studio (Audio)
01. Cold Like Ice
02. Who Can Tell
03. Groovin’ With J
04. You’re There
05. I Love You
06. Feeling Low
07. Dernier Recours
08. Into the Groove

“Rock n’ Roll doesn’t make you wise or well-behaved” In the line of Glenn Hughes, the hero of his adolescence and a friend of his since 1993, Renaud HANTSON has more than one string to his bow. Having been trained as a drummer (He got a prize for excellence at the Conservatoire de Musique de Paris), he made his debut in professional music as a member of SATAN JOKERS, a Hard Rock group, which was widely talked about from 1983 to 1985, when they released their three innovatory albums. Then, after working a while as a studio musician for artists such as William Sheller, Gino Vanelli or Stocks, he turned towards his other passion: singing. In a more “mainstream” and variety-like style, from 1987 to 2002, he released seven albums and toured all over France. In the same time as this soloist career and under Michel Berger’s friendly wing, he took part in the return of “Starmania”, the most popular French rock-opera (in which he played two roles) and, then, got the leading role in “La Légende de Jimmy”. More recently, he joined the French world of musicals again, touring with “Notre Dame de Paris”. In spite of his success in “popular music”, he never forgot his first love for Hard Rock. He never missed an opportunity to hang around music clubs or attend concerts. (For the whole world, he wouldn’t have missed the come-back of his other idol, Rob Halford, when “Resurrection” was released, for instance!). Renaud never stopped buying records and being deeply interested in this music which has always been part and parcel of his life. As a matter of fact, in 1992, he had already made a come-back as a hard-rock singer by recording “FURIOSO”, in which he was backed by the “crème de la crème” in terms of French guitar players (Thibault Abriak, Nono, Patrick Rondat...) and Zouille, the former singer of Sortilège Today, HANTSON has decided to “have a break” again, “a change of pace”, by setting up FURIOUS ZOO, a parallel project which will enable him to express his passion for Hard Rock, both on records and on stage. On this music, full of nuances, between strength, sensitivity and finesse, his voice has always had a tremendous efficiency. On the other hand, a constant practice of drums (He’s a teacher as well), has enabled him to keep on improving his art. Available on 2005, produced by Brennus and distributed by Socadisc. FURIOUS ZOO's debut album offers 12 new compositions and 6 titles from the first “FURIOSO” volume revisited and brought “up to date”. (Actually, the re-edition of that 1992 album has been demanded by fans for years!) In “FURIOSO II” album, Renaud HANTSON conducts both the lead vocals and the drums. He is backed up by the guitarist Benoit COUSIN and bassist Cédric LE COZ, both of them members of SPECTRUM and ROCK FOUR. Inspired by Paul Gilbert, Malmsteen and Eddy Van Halen, Benoit is the great revelation of this album, in which Renaud HANTSON has decided to recover his “artistic freedom”, an independence he’ll recover on stage too, through concerts in which he’ll combine his own original repertoire to the revival of titles of the seventies from Jimmy Hendrix, Joe Cocker, Deep Purple or Withesnake. Thus, by combining technique to pleasure, FURIOUS ZOO and Renaud HANTSON will go and meet their public. Performing and giving as many concerts as possible will be their main goal. Do not miss this opportunity of having some good time with them!

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