FACE TO FACE - After the Storm 14.00 € (#8970)

FACE TO FACE - After the Storm
CD 10 tracks (Hard’n’Heavy / France - Paris) 2016
01. Fly To the Rainbow    4’50
02. King of Fire    4’19
03. After the Storm    4’09
04. Rock’N’Roll Teacher    3’59
05. Remember        5’07
06. Wasted Time        4’31
07. Fight for Love    5’56
08. She’s Nobodie’s Angel    4’33
09. For One Night    4’23
10. Won’t Get Fooled Again    7’00
After 20 years of absence, FACE TO FACE french reform. When TRUST splits in 1989, Fred Guillemet (TRUST’s bass), décides to create his own project, and calls the drummer Farid Medjane. The groupe will be named FACE TO FACE
When Fabien Gevraise, joins in on guitar, in 1990, they win their participation to the famous « monsters of rock » festival, at Vincennes. It's in front of a packed solid racecourse, that they co-star with Faith No More, Quireboys, Poison, Aerosmith, and Whitesnake.
After the release of their 1st album, in 1992, they start the concert for iron maiden, during their french tour. Then will follow 70 gig’s with Johnny Hallyday, and several other festivals, Vittel as one of them, where they co star with Joey Taffola and Santana. As for the second album, in '93, Fabien Gevraise, will be replaced by Olivier Fillol and Hervé  Raynal, the drums held by Christian Namour, then Thierry Dutru.
The group will decide to stop in '96
As for 2012, Fred and Rémy will add Olivier Fillol’s (guitar), Phil Salva’s (drums), Tanneguy Bramaud’s (guitar) and Olivier del Valle (song) quality services for their new come back ...

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