CONTINUUM - Speculative Thoughts 12.00 € (#8873)

CONTINUUM - Speculative Thoughts
CD 11 tracks (Progressive Metal / France - Nice) 2016
01. Mind's Design             2'42
02. Observation of the Aleph Point    7'46
03. Waves Collapsing             6'00
04. How Many Am I             3'45
05. Movements of the Spheres         3'37
06. I Am So I Am Not             3'23
07. Speculative Thoughts         1'53
08. M.A.L. (A.D.)             5'35
09. More Than Flesh             3'30
10. Relativist Conception         4'39
11. Constant Genocide             7'55
CONTINUUM is a band playing its own "Dark Cosmic Progressive Metal" which offers a dense and singular music: it plunges the listener with fluidity in rhythmic waves of Progressive Metal, where catchy melodies with non-Euclidean accents to capture the dark depths of a singular universe ... or aspire to the majesty of the heavenly spheres!
After the release of a debut album in 2009 and a second in 2013, CONTINUUM is back with his third album, "Speculative Thoughts", a concept album dealing boldly what the world, and the universe, could be if it corresponded, to our level, to the descriptions that modern physics made, and shows how we would perceive it.
A journey beyond science as the greatest (or craziest) science fiction writers can imagine ... and speculate!

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