BLACKCUBE - Last Exile 13.00 € (#7918)

BLACKCUBE - Last Exile
CD 9 tracks (Progressive Metal / France - Lille) 2013

01. Last Exile 1’22
02. Heading for Nowhere 6’00
03. Theatre of Shadows 5’05
04. Inspiration 5’51
05. After the End 9’05
06. Forgotten Skies 6’19
07. ASeed of Sandstorms 6’02
08. Dots on Dust 5’36
09. Colours of Time 8’45

BLACKCUBE is a French Progressive Metal band. Amongst their main influences are Symphony X, Queen, Dream Theater and Deep Purple, but they take pride in building their own musical identity, which ranges from psychedelic and relaxing moments to sections of catchy heavy-prog. Exploring many changes in time signature and arrangement, the band strives to present different moods within single tracks while preserving its substance beyond the soulessness of mere technical exhibition.
Formed in 2004, BlackCube was at first dedicated to covers and went through numerous changes in its line-up. It was not until the summer of 2008 that the sextet found its current line-up when a full-time singer joined the band. The band wrote four songs at that time and went on to record them, pressing with their own money their first EP.
Quickly it appeared that it was not enough for them and they went on writing a full repertoire with the purpose of not having to play covers at their concerts anymore to fill in the gaps. They wanted an entirely original setlist.
Within the writing process, each of the six members of BlackCube adds his two cents. The direction is simple yet demanding: the members badly want songs they take pleasure in playing and listening to. The lyrics revolve around many different themes, including cultural, poetical, and metaphysical subjects with an inclination towards a certain form of onirism.
The band is done recording, mixing and mastering its first full-length CD, which is likely to be available on Brennus end of summer 2013.

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