AWACKS - Resilience - Digipack 14.00 € (#7974)

AWACKS - Resilience
CD Digipack 10 tracks (Melodic Power Progressive Metal / France - Clermont Ferrand) 2013
01. System Crash 6’20
02. Edge of Solitude 5’34
03. Field of Reoses 7’11
04. Disappear 5’58
05. Mirror 6’28
06. Madness 4’21
07. Hey You 7’41
08. Millenium Ghost 5’58
09. Ashes of Life 9’52
10. Mama 7’16
The progsters from AWACKS are back with “Resilience”, the fourth album by the band from the center of France. You will still have a hard time labelling their style, all you have to know is that they play a mix of melodic Heavy, smooth Prog with some savory FM touches, coming from a past not so long gone. Pagan’s Mind, Marillion and Pretty Maids could belong to the shortlist of their influences, but their personality is too strong to be compared to another band. With their sophisticated lyrics and polished sound, the ten tracks of “Resilience” are to be listened to with no restraint.

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