ARES - About Metal 10.00 € (#5259)

ARES - About Metal
CD 8 tracks (Heavy Metal / France - Picardie) 2009

01. Perchance To Dream 4’42
02. Burn and Die 3’26
03. Spartan 4’53
04. Moonless Night 4’38
05. Virtue of the Weak 6’10
06. About Metal 4’20
07. The Art of Hypocrisy 4’07
08. Echec 6’33

ARES, French Heavy Metal band was founded in the fall of 2006 by Daniel Meunier (bass), Franck Ferrer (drums), Stéphane Petit (guitars) and Damien Gaudois (vocals). The foursome had previously gained a serious live experience and a modest reputation playing as local act Willer for four to ten years depending on the band member, in the clubs, pubs, halls of their area, inflicting to an often unsuspecting audience their renditions of Hard Rock classics or lesser known Heavy Metal gems, as well as some original songs in the vein of the latter.
The four musketeers recruited one Christophe Lacolombe on guitars in February 2007 , who spent one year with the band and added a couple of compositions to the roster, before he was eventually replaced by Frédérick Allanic in april 2008 .
The demand for an album was increasingly felt from the band’s enthusiastic followers, so the recording of an album became a priority, and so it was done.
The sessions started in December 2008, and lasted through 2009 amongst numerous concerts around Paris, in Picardie, Bourgogne and Germany; including opening for some prestigious acts (Zouille & Hantson, Tokyo Blade…). A rather busy schedule for a band not used to just sitting on their asses waiting for things to happen by themselves.
Following many picaresque adventures, ARES’s debut album ,aptly entitled “About Metal” finally saw the light of day in the cradle of the label Brennus Music early 2010. Now with a record under their sleeve, Arès are ready to face whatever fate throws at them.

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