AMONSETHIS - Part I - The Prophecy 14.00 € (#6990)

AMONSETHIS - Part I - The Prophecy
CD 12 tracks (Progressive Metal / France - Grenoble) 2011
01. Journey to Ancient Egypt
02. Pyramidion
03. Chosen by Rê
04. Amonsethis
05. Land of Slaves
06. The Wait
07. Servants of Seth
08. Isis : the Breath of Life
09. Universal Harmony
10. Horus
11. Pyramid’s Book
12. The Prophecy

AMONSETHIS, behind this Egyptian sounding name hides the new project of ex?HELLIXXIR singer, Julien TOURNOUD. Created in 2007 with 5 musicians (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals), the band plays an interesting and diversified Progressive Metal tainted of oriental sonorities.
AMONSETHIS is based on a 3 conceptual albums project telling the story of Egypt’s seventh dynasty. After the synopsis, a 3-track EP logically entitled «The Legend of the Seventh Dynasty», out in 2009, the band coming from Grenoble, France has just released the first LP of this Egyptian saga:
«Part I : The Prophecy».
This project originality is to create a legendary world where different characters and musical influences meet… 6 singers participated on this first album:
Sofian Mejri (ex-MANGO GADZI) Emmanuelson (ELLIPSIS, WHISKY OF BLOOD), Mick (DESTINITY) Eric Bevilacqua (ex-REST IN PEACE, CHEMICAL WEDDING) Ma Sarah and Julien TOURNOUD.
Last but not least, this album sounds like a symbol of harmony within the current middle-east conflict as you can hear vocals and lyrics in Hebrew, dialectic Arabic, Kabylian or English…
AMONSETHIS is an original and ambitious project. This band will catch your ear for sure… You must discover it!!!!

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