Renaud HANTSON - Tatoués à Jamais 14.00 € (#9720)

Renaud HANTSON - Tatoués à Jamais
CD 16 tracks (French Pop / France – Paris area) 2020
01. Tatoués à Jamais
02. Tout Roule
03. L’évidence
04. Tout et Rien
05. Sans Voir les Nuages
06. Avance
07. S.E.X
08. Inaltérable
09. Si Tu M’aimes à Moitié (L’enfer Me Ment)
10. On a Tous une Prière
11. 12 Étapes
12. Elle Refait Sa Vie
13. Chanter la Vie
14. Beaucoup de Bruit pour Rien
15. Œil pour Œil
16. Un Enfant M’attend
Renaud Hantson is a free spirit and a unique craftsman in the French music scene. With a persona of the eternal rebellious teenager and a voice that has improved despite two decades of struggles with addictions. He has released a new solo album in his image entitled Tatoués à jamais including 16 Pop Rock songs with unstoppable melodies.
Surrounded since its inception by the cream of musicians from the french rock circuit and a few guests who have come to lend a hand like Axel Bauer (« Tout Roule », « Beaucoup de Bruit pour Rien ») and Jean-Félix Lalanne (« Chanter la Vie ») on guitars as well as Sarah Jad for an killer duet (« Avance »). Renaud is an artist more motivated than ever and is releasing his 16th album at the end of April 2020!
Even if he seems far from the current media radar, Renaud Hantson has in fact a huge catalogue of work. With many albums, projects as diverse and varied as his musical tastes, regular concerts and an army of loyal fans, this new solo album (the 1st for almost 10 years) is in his image, without filter, truly honest, emotional, modern and roots at the same time but above all vocally superb.
Michel Berger, his mentor met at the time of the 2nd version of Starmania who said that he is the best singer of his generation, would certainly not contradict this remark today. Containing, in addition to the songs where the guests appear, titles who enter the memory to never leave it (« L’évidence », « Inaltérable », « Sans Voir les Nuages », « Tout et Rien » ...). « Sans Voir les Nuages » reflects well the double personality of Renaud Hantson, Rocker fond of Pop Music and Soul melodies, whose atypical course remains forever that of a young boy who dreamed of making music and who became, over the years and the loss of talented friends, represents a true memory of French Pop and Rock

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