WEEPING WIDOWS - Epitaphe 13.00 € (#8638)

CD 13 tracks (Blues / France - Toulouse) 2015
01. Tango Blue         3’12
02. Les Rats         1’59
03. Blues des Kärchers     8’23
04. Je Chante le Blues     2’32
05. Kajo         3’50
06. L’Harmonie         4’29
07. Nina         2’55
08. Ivresse         3’59
09. Double Coup     4’28
10. La Crotte de Nez     2’28
11. Weeping Shuffle     3’34
12. So Fine         5’11
13. La Baraque à Frite    1’53
Weeping widows plays a refreshing music that makes you want to dance, somewhere in between traditionnal blues music and world music (Eastern Europe music, arabo-andalus music, southamerican music). They wish to walk away from tired old gimmicks, to invent something new, something of a personal musical expression that still retains the festive and communicative spirit of their musical influences.
Their close musical bond allow the two members of the band to be perfectly tuned into each other's music, all for a more pleasurable listening experience.
The album
Part sensitivity, part kick-ass lyrics, part thrill-inducing music, some amazing mastering of musical instruments, great energy and human bonding... Should we call it real groove ? Or just Weeping widows ?
"An infectious energy, tenderness, sensitivity to share, words that hold the road, a musicality to give you the thrill, a flawless mastery of their respective instrument, complicity anytime.
And if we called it the true feeling ... or just Weeping Widows." César Cezer (Radio coteaux)

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