Eric TER - Nu-Turn 13.00 € (#6969)

Eric TER - Nu-Turn
CD 15 tracks (Blues / France) 2011

01. Different Wires 2’50
02. Window 0’51
03. Dizzy Train 4’48
04. Just You Wait 3’13
05. Come Back, Baby 3’12
06. Your Girlfriend 3’01
07. Mellow D 1’36
08. Nu-Turn 2’13
09. Stormy Fuss 3’30
10. Green Picks 1’16
11. About My Business 3’26
12. Johnny Would 3’27
13. Low Tide 1’27
14. Keep Playing Them 3’40
15. Slow Boat 1’36

This is indeed a “new turn” on his musical path. Eric TER, this time, while spreading his picture with some electric guitar, bass, percussions, and even trumpet or violin, lets his particular acoustic guitar playing widely express itself. As the songs play, a feeling of quiet space seems to allow the listener to expand his own inner space. From one song to the next, one can sense a fluxional love between the artist and his instruments, that kind of intimate and strong relation that pushes one and the other to give their best. The album evolves on some Folk-Blues soil, seasoned with Rock and Country spices on which lays a voice which seems to have gained simplicity and warmth.
Eric TER has published several albums including “Chance” (2008 on Bluesiac / Brennus Music).

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