TRENTE - Aveugle et Sourd 14.00 € (#9830)

TRENTE - Aveugle et Sourd
CD 12 tracks including 1 bonus (Classic Rock / France - Paris) 2021
01. Malfamé
02. Libre Comme l'Air
03. Mon Odyssée
04. Aveugle et Sourd
05. Disparu des Radars
06. Autant
07. Combien de Ponts?
08. Dans le Désert
09. Tattoo Burger
10. Une Toise et du Temps
11. Rêve Hors Norme
12. Libre Comme l'Air (ft Danny Vaughn)
A great story of friendship, that's what best characterizes this Parisian quartet. Created in 1999, after having scoured the hexagonal and Parisian rooms in the company of Great White, Mike Tramp, Koritni, Eric Mc Fadden ... The group returns with the album "Blind & Deaf" consisting of 11 throaty songs of well-muscled Power Pop and neat arrangements. Stef Reb (who also sings in Ocean) transports us to his world where everyday stories and more poetic texts come together ... Trente offers a duet with Danny Vaughn, singer of Tyketto, who rubs shoulders for the first time in his career in the language of Molière ...

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