ZOË - Back into the Light - CD Digipack 12.00 € (#9777)

ZOË - Back into the Light
CD Digipack 10 tracks (Stoner Rock Metal / France - Dunkerque) 2020
01. Back Into the Light        3'48
02. Voices             4'24
03. Down in a Hole         5'22
04. In Praise of Laziness     3'30
05. Go Like a Bomb         3'23
06. By Your Side         5'26
07. White Trash         4'50
08. Wild Wild City         4'36
09. Band of Brothers         3'23
10. Cut Class             3'42
Dirty and distorted blues, massive stoner, rock with southern illuminations, waltzes with the devil, we can call the music of ZOE as we want, the result is the same, that swings, that pulses, that grooves and especially that forces the respect because when some content with piling riffs with a big rocky sound to be in the good vibe, them go much farther, proposing rich titles milling of ideas which we don’t thus grow tired of listening to.
ZOE was born in the late 90's, in the North of France, between Calais and Dunkerque. Very soon, the rock musicians grind their set almost everywhere in the area, in front of public, a more and more enthusiastic one. They decide to attempt the first album; "Make It Burning" was born. A pure concentrated of stoner rock n roll with hard rock seventies influences, an improbable meeting between Motorhead and Queens Of The Stone Age.

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