PHENIX - Ignition 14.00 € (#9681)

PHENIX - Ignition
CD 10 tracks (Heavy Metal / France) 2019
01. Black Flag        6'27
02. Ignition        4'19
03. Heavy Load        4'50
04. Missed Occasions    7'29
05. Three Hundred        13'20
06. Time Crisis        6'53
07. Helpless        5'49
08. Broken Toy        5'08
09. Can't Stop Rocking    4'26
10. The Infinite Search    18'02
For almost twenty years, the band PHENIX keep the flame of their Metal alive and kicking! With a fourth album named Ignition, it is the firing of a new stage of their history.
The band is back in its original line-up, also back to the roots they once love, proposing a wide range of atmospheres, from punchy Heavy to epic tunes with progressive tones though ambient ballads.
Served by Man Fisher’s massive and dynamic sound, the quintet offer to the lovers of forceful yet melodic songs an array of titles the evocative power of which summons the audience to a musical trip to the universe PHENIX have created at the down of the new millennium and refreshed since then.
From the first track, the tone is set and band invite us to an odyssey of catchy riffs, ethereal arpeggios and lyrical flights.
From pirates to Spartan holding the Thermopylae, PHENIX call for the listener to a heroic tale. With other songs, the band propose a thought about questions of our time or explore with melancholy such emotions as nostalgia or regret.
And to end this fourth opus, PHENIX carry on with their journey without an end by delivering a new movement to the founding work of the band, The Endless Quest, first piece written by the gang on 2000 and a song of which one can find a part on each of the three first albums. Progressive and powerful, if it closes the record, it does not end the voyage. To be continued so, and to follow closely!
Meanwhile, Ignition will show up in shop displays just before the band approach their twenty-year anniversary: the age of reason?

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