IRMINSUL - Ermite - Digipack 13.00 € (#9586)

CD Digipack 14 tracks including 4 bonus (Hard Rock / France - Picardie) 2019
01. Assez
02. Ermite
03. Pars avec Nous
04. Comme Toi
05  Comment Etait la Terre
06. Exaucez-Moi
07. Viracocha
08. Ur Vro Dieub Eo
09. Enfant de la Nuit
10. Capitaine
11. Pour Toi (Bonus)
12. Donnez-Moi des Ailes (Bonus)
13. je Suis d'Ailleurs (Bonus)
14. Aux Soldats Inconnus (Bonus Centenary Version)
With the arrival at the drums of Guillaume "Lou" Chefdeville alongside Guillaume "Goyon" Coulon and Pascal "Bassman" Borniche,
the power trio IRMINSUL has found a new lease on life and has written a new page in its history with "Ermite", the band's third album
and worthy successor of "Ainsi soit-il" and "Geist".
The opening title "Assez", first extract unveiled on the web in the form of an original clip, gives the tone of this opus which is intended
even more diverse and more radical than the two previous ones, confirming the richness of the musical universe of the power trio.
With this album, IRMINSUL explores themes as diverse as the fed up of a certain way of life and thought, voluntary isolation
anti-conformism in all its forms, friendship, love ...
Surely, this third IRMINSUL power trio opus will not leave you indifferent...

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