HYBRID HARMONY - Mislaid Myths 13.00 € (#9128)

HYBRID HARMONY - Mislaid Myths
CD 9 tracks (Melodic Heavy Metal / France - Toulouse) 2017
01. Inside Fire
02. Thunderstorm
03. Divine Elements
04. Northem Lore
05. Call of the Sea
06. Clef de Sang
07. Bright Dark World
08. Mothers’ Gaze
09. Mislaid Myth
Hybrid Harmony is a melodic metal band from Toulouse, south France. After 10 years of existence, three EP et one LP, the band came back at the beginning of 2015 with 1244 Terror among the stones, a mini-album concept announcing a revival for the band as well as a more precise and accomplished musical line. Completely accepting its metal music and its vocal and instrumental harmonies, Hybrid Harmony decides from then to go on, and Thierry (drums), Fabrice (guitars), Khrys (bass), and Evodie (vocals) step up a notch by releasing at the beginning of 2017 a new album, Mislaid Myths.
This new album is divided, just like its concept and like the band, between harmony and differences. So, Mislaid Myths plays on the double meaning of the word "myth" : the one of the stories telling in books or in front of the fire, from mythology, and the one from "the great myths" we find everywhere as love, freedom or desire of discovering and exploration. In each of the first eight songs, Hybrid Harmony chose to approach a civilization revolving around an extract of its mythology and a "great myth". So, Bright Dark World returns on the history of the Japanese goddess of the sun Amaterasu who has to choose to make reborn th light, by drawing a parallel with the life which can be either sad, dark, or happy, bright, with a life choice which belongs to us. So every song possesses its own universe, its own musical style, its own language, while remaining connected with the others so as to succeed in the ninth song, Mislaid Myth.
This research for the lost myths by humanity indeed ends on the observation that each part of the world is different, but that in the end, we are all one same people with the same fears, the same desires, the same lives. Musicaly, this song is the common theme, the reminder of all the previous ones, as a final outcome. Hybrid Harmony returns with a concept more harrowing, whether it is on its them or in its music.

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