HOPES OF FREEDOM - Light, Fire & Iron 14.00 € (#9885)

HOPES OF FREEDOM - Light, Fire & Iron
CD 10 tracks (Epic Power Folk Metal / Normandie - France) 2021
01. Lost Humanity 5'12
02. Dragon Order 6'48
03. The Heroes Line 6'29
04. Freedom for All 6'02
05. Delusion 5'58
06. Always on Your Side 6'57
07. The Ancient and Silent Force 6'10
08. A Tale of Glory (part I)
09. A Tale of Glory (part II) 6'49
10. Light, Fire & Iron 15'46
Hopes of Freedom is a Power folk metal band from Normandy, France. Mixing celtics and folks inspirations to Power metal, all in a Heroic Fantasy universe, the sound of the band is melodic, rythmic, epic and energic.
Formed in 2007 close to Rouen (Normandy – France), the band releases his 1st eponym album self produced, with Brennus Music label in 2012. The quartet play shows and shows with bigger artists as Bukowsky, Vulcain or Pat O'May and releases his 1st videoclip.
After a 2nd album "Burning Skyfall" in 2016, Hopes of Freedom comes back in 2021 with "Light, Fire & Iron" his 3rd album, still working with Brennus Music and mixed by Max Morton (Jinjer).

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