DOG TEMPER - American Tales 12.00 € (#9776)

DOG TEMPER - American Tales
CD 10 tracks (Hard Rock US / France) 2020
01. American Tales    3'59
02. Turn it on        3'22
03. After All        3'30
04. Sad Journey        4,21
05. Sad Journey        4'14
06. Let You Go        4'09
07. Wild Boyz        4'48
08. Something        3'44
09. Go            3'36
10. The Dune        5'14
Coming from France, Dog Temper is a new Hard Rock band.
Influenced by bands such as Motley Crue, Bon Jovi or KISS, our four acolytes agree to deliver a catchy and melodic music but yet powerful.
 A subtle blend of Metal and Pop for a resolutely Hard Rock combo in the lineage of the genre’s greats.
This first album «American Tales», composed and written in 2018 is just a remarkable moment of music.
This record made by the « frenchies » sounds just great, and  with an AOR feel to it, it will not only please rock fans but a wider audience all over the world.
Simple, straight to the point and cut for the stage. stay tuned !

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