PROJECT - Chapter III - CD + DVD Digipack 14.00 € (#8893)

CD + DVD Digipack 11 & 12 tracks (Melodic Hard Rock / France - Lille) 2016
01. No Fear            4'35
02. King for a Day        4'08
03. Hands on the trigger    4'43
04. Ninebox            3'47
05. Under the Gun        4'36
06. Burn            4'29
07. Lightning Strike        3'41
08. Suddenly            4'34
09. All I Need            3'42
10. Save the World        4'43
11. Underground            5'32
DVD : "Riding Free Live"
01. Hate Rock'n'Roll
02. Everything You Do
03. Give Me Your Love
04. Tell Me why
05. Cry for a Nation
06. You Keep on Cryin'
07. Here We Go Again
08. Riding Free
09. Stop
10. Shout it out
11. Reach for the Sky
12. Right or Wrong
PROJECT is a French Hard Rock band from the North of France that was founded in the mid-90s by guitarist & keyboard player Philippe Merlen and guitarist David Clabaux.
The band has toured many european countries and has released 3 albums so far: "Reach for the Sky" (1997 – self-produced), "Riding Free" (2013 – Brennus records), "Chapter III" (2016 – Brennus records).
Following the album "Riding Free" released in 2013, "Chapter III" is packed with 11 kick-ass guitar-driven songs and is their best sounding album to date: filled with guitars, big drums, great production, for an updated sound yet still melodic.
The band is really proud of this one. "I think everyone will be nicely surprised with CHAPTER III. This is a really ‘in your face’ record : big sound, big harmonies and loads of guitars. We started working on the new songs in September 2014 and gave our best to deliver a great CD to the fans" says David, the singer of the band.
The first edition of the CD comes in a digipack sleeve including a one hour live DVD recorded during the Riding Free Tour.

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