STILLE VOLK - La Pèira Negra 14.00 € (#8263)

STILLE VOLK - La Pèira Negra
CD 8 tracks (Folk Pagan / France - Tarbes) 2014
01. Dementis Maudiçon
02. Sous l’œil de la Lune
03. L’éveil du Spectre
04. La Pèira Negra
05. La Litanie du Pétrifié
06. La Forêt Gorgone
07. Heaume de Lichen
08. En Occulz Stille Volk from Pyrénées was created in 1994 and aims at a music of celtic and medieval influence as well as adorned with modern elements. That's why many instruments from all origins and all ages are played : hurdy-gurdy, arabic lute, violin, bouzouki, bagpipes, chalemie, mandolin, portable organ, bombarde, various flutes, and other stringed instruments.

The band signed up with Holy Records after the demo "Ode aux lointains souverains" (1995) which was very successful, and released its first album "Hantaoma" in 1997 : this CD offers an acoustic music of traditional and medieval influence whose concept is based on Pyrenean mythology (pantheon, spirits, legends,...).
The second album "Exuvies"came out in 1998 and presents an obscure music which is more electric while still keeping acoustic bits and some bewitching laments. The band apprehends paganism as an intuition or something surreal.
"Le satyre cornu" will be released in June 2001 and rests on a very energic and medieval style, an orgiastic and mystic atmosphere punctuated with the language of 12th century troubadours revived thanks to a most unusual music (it contains a medireview version of Occitanie, of an Iron Maiden song).
In june 2003, the 4th album is out: its called Maudat. According to the artistic tradition of the band, this is a conceptual album about a sorceress who travels into a phantasmatical universe full of myths, visions and legends. This is a fantastic ride into a universe of various instruments which declaim their madness, a tragic and festive nocturnal dance, a mythical past filled with incredible melodies, overexcited ambiances jumbled wtih emotional moments, a Middle Ages and celtic music recreated by this fantastic band. A lot of spells are ready to take your souls while listening to these telluric songs. Maudat is their new album, bewitching, a mix of lively tunes and dark laments. The album " Nueit de sabbat" is created in 2009 and la Pèira Negra in 2014.

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