GOULAMAS’K - Avis de Tempèsta - Digipack 14.00 € (#5591)

GOULAMAS’K - Avis de Tempèsta
CD Digipack 15 tracks including 3 live bonus (Rock Ska / Occitania - Languedoc) 2010
01. Tout Droit 3’14
02. Mon Pais 4’01
03. Je Lève Mon Verre 3’54
04. Mefisa-Te 4’03
05. Manifest’accion 4’33
06. 2063 4’14
07. La Folie 3’59
08. Ce Soir 3’37
09. Avis de Tempête 3’50
10. Canta la Nacion 4’57
11. Sant-Africa Rebels 1’13
12. Les Rebelles 3’25
13. Filhas e Drolles (Bonus Live) 5’53
14. Crash Boursier (Bonus Live) 5’47
15. Skabronca (Bonus Live) 4’38

1999 was the time for some action... After years of discussing about the world while having a drink, some musicians of the Béziers (Southern France) area gave birth to GOULAMAS’K in order to express their vues on stage.
From the start, Ska Rock with hints of Reggae Punk is the way they chose with lyrics in French, Occitan, Catalan and Castillan, native tongues of the musicians. Defending these languages / cultures (and all the others, all over the world !) becomes soon a credo of GOULAMAS’K.
Since these days, (briefly-named) GK played more than 500 gigs in France / Occitania but also Catalunya, Basque Country, Switzerland, Italy... Four discs including three albums and a self-released maxi were put out without speaking about many comp-participations.
05’ second album "Gardarem la Tèrra” saw the meeting between GOULAMAS’K and the notorious musician Gambeat (RADIO BEMBA) and Miqueù Montanaro who plays some flute on this album.
In 2007, the "Fai Petar” live recordings sees the light of day and shows to their listeners how powerful their gigs are. GK’s first steps in mixing traditional instruments in their musical cocktail can be noticed too. As a result: raging and colourful Ska with an original touch.
2008: new line-up for the "Nervios Trobador” tour which shows the traditional instruments taking more and more importance especially accordion and the "grailles occitanes”. The bands inked a deal with Adreit / Brennus Records then published the new album "Avis de Tempestà”, in a Punk / traditional vein like the POGUES or DROPKICK MURPHY’S.
GOULAMAS’K: an amazingly powerful bass / drums work, heavy-sounding guitar parts mixed with some rare French traditional instruments (accordion, "grailles”) with catchy melodies and harsh vocals filled with feeling and anger.

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